"So You're Not Into New Years Resolutions"

In this episode, So Called Oreos is discussing everything New Year's resolutions! The hosts start off by giving the history of New Year's resolutions, why only 8 precent of us achieve our goals, and Amari tells us why she doesn't believe in it. Kia shows her nerdy side and gives tips on how to achieve your resolutions by using SMART goals and the four explain why you don’t need to have an elaborate goal for the new year in addition to manifesting your dreams. After discussing their own personal

"So How Do You Celebrate Holidays With Black Families?"

In this episode of So Called Oreos, the hosts start off on a little bit of a funny tangent (sorry!) about a white student not knowing he applied to an HBCU and some funny Jonas Brothers interactions. The conversation revolves around how black people celebrate the holidays and how it may different from our white counterparts. Rachel and Amari explain how they celebrate in a Caribbean household and the four debate if potato salad is only seasonal and what goes on yams. They later discuss the histo

"So You Don't See Yourself Represented in the Media"

In this episode, the hosts discuss the growth of media representation for minorities over the years. They list the shows where they first saw themselves represented and the content now that highlights black culture such as Insecure, Atlanta and Dear White People. The discussion dives into the topic of how content with black leads were marketed as "black shows" or "black movies" and how media executives are seeing that white people are very much interested in other narratives following the succes

"So You Think Cuffing Season Might Not Be for Oreos"

In this episode, the ladies discuss cuffing season and how growing up as an "oreo" has led them to being use to not being cuffed during this time. They discuss how to decide if participating in cuffing season is right for you and how the cultural phenomenon is linked to seasonal depression and mental health. Does cuffing season affect the South? What is the most popular time for relationships to start? When do people tend to download dating apps? The hosts give insight on the time frame of cuffi

"So You're Black and Introverted"

In this episode, the hosts discuss what it is like being an introvert and how society's expectations and stereotypes of black women make it harder to be accepted as an introvert. The discussion explores how being an introverted black woman at work has more repercussions than for white and asian women counterparts. The four women also dive into how being raised in a common black household has an effect on how we react in the workplace as well as how society and social media can make us believe th

"So You Have Some Amazing Black Female Friends"

In this episode the hosts discuss the importance and significance of the black female friendships they have in their lives. Amari gives a personal update and open ups about her friends reaching out when she decided not to be as social. Rachel gives us tips on how to support a friend with a mental illness. Janae reveals her epiphany on what really matters to her in the world and Kia explains how black women have helped her exceed in her professional life as well as opening her eyes during some to

"So You've Been Told You Like White People Music"

In this episode, the hosts discuss their musical taste and how it affected their experience growing up with their peers. The women open up about liking music that does not fit the stereotype for black people (ex. hip hop, rap) and the comments they received for liking "white people music." Amari talks about Fall Out Boy and Paramore connecting to her emotional phase in middle school as Rachel and Kia connect on their love for the Jonas Brothers. Janae brings up her fandom for the Kpop group BTS,

"So You're Concerned About Traveling While Black"

In this episode the hosts discuss their experiences traveling abroad and the concerns they have in certain countries. Janae dives deep in feeling like an outsider in Spain as Kia explains why she had a completely different experience in the same country. Kia talks about China having the biggest culture difference and how the way the country approaches black travelers can make you feel similar to either a "celebrity" or an "alien." Amari opens up about being discriminated against on a trip to Pit

"So You Don't Have the Ideal Body"

In this episode, the 4 co-hosts discuss their relationship with their bodies and how they perceive body image. Janae talks about her struggle of being a 6 foot tall women and how she felt less feminine and more of an outsider in school. Amari discusses overcoming rumors about her body and Kia gets into what it's like of feeling "less black" by having an atypical body type in the black community. The conversation takes a turn on dealing with negative comments from family members and the hosts tak

"Tell Me About Your Hair Journey"

In this episode, the hosts go into detail about their natural hair journey and discuss the drastic changes on the relationship with their hair growing up compared to today. They discuss the comments they received on their hair and how it shaped them to love their hair today as well as their hopes for society on commenting on black hair for the future. The episode takes an emotional turn when Rachel opens up about finally addressing her childhood trauma and how important it is for us to deal with

"You're Pretty For a Black Girl"

In this episode, the hosts discuss getting the so-called compliment, "you're pretty for a black girl." The conversation dives into how colorism impacts the way we perceive compliments. The four women touch on the fact that compliments on light skin can come off as a fetish while compliments on dark skin are more likely to be received in a positive light. Thank you for your support and as always please continue to subscribe, share and follow us on social media! Email: socalledoreos@gmail.com Twit

"What's Your Experience With Interracial Dating?"

In this episode, the four hosts discuss their different experiences with dating other races and being hit on by guys outside of their race. The conversation takes an emotional turn when a famous OK Cupid survey comes up that sparks the discussion of how black men and women treat other when it comes to dating. Thank you for your support and as always please continue to subscribe, share and follow us on social media! Email: socalledoreos@gmail.com Twitter: @socalledoreos Instagram: @socalledoreos