Hey there! My name is Nakia and I go by the nickname "Kia" so less people will butcher my name. I've always had a passion for media, politics and comedy and my ultimate career goal would be to incorporate the three on a daily basis. I'm a Jersey girl at heart (born and raised!) and graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in Communications and Media Arts and a minor in a business. During college I had the opportunity to have numerous internships including Programming at BET, Diversity & Inclusion at NBCUniversal, Music Press at Press Here Publicity and Communications at VH1 before landing my current role as Communications Assistant at VICE Media. For four years I hosted and produced my own radio show on WMSC 90.3FM, which I could honestly say is the one thing that made me 100 percent happy. Since graduation I've written for VICE, HuffPost and Medium with topics mostly focusing on politics and the black community as well as creating and hosting the Black History Month series on VICE's daily podcast. I'm currently looking for an assistant producer, programming or development role at a company that shares a common interest and goal.

If I'm not doing something for the media industry I'm probably traveling, enjoying the outdoors, doing pilates, eating cheese fries or obsessing over pandas.