Nakia Swinton

Nakia (Kia) Swinton is an ambitious Jersey girl making her mark in the media and tech industry through her love of comedy and culture. She is the co-host, producer and editor of the Sufficiently Black podcast. Nakia has experience working in various types of roles and mediums including digital media (Communications at VICE), television (Talent and Development at WarnerMedia) and podcasting (Supervising Producer at iHeartMedia - current role).

How Can We Move Forward in a Colorist Society?

As a lighter skinned Black person, I didn't understand the impact of colorism until I left my small town and graduated college. I am the lightest person in my family and had always appreciated my family of a darker tone. I had grown up around confident Black people and never thought of them any less because they were darker skinned. If anything, I was the outsider and would look forward to summer so my color could be closer to my family's, which I loved.

We All Have Privilege. It’s Okay If We Address It.

The word “privilege” comes from the Latin privilegium, meaning a law for just one person, a benefit enjoyed by an individual or group beyond what is available to others. Social justice activists and writers have built on Peggy McIntosh’s original essay on privilege in 1988, adding to and modifying the original list to highlight how privilege is not solely about race or gender. We can have privilege through the following...

Can Minorities Be Racist?

I can’t count the amount of times that I have seen white people cry “reverse racism.” If you say anything negative about them they are quick to say “you’re racist!” I remember being at a party when my friend’s boyfriend had jokingly called me racist after something I said. Annoyed, I just rolled my eyes and said, “minorities can’t be racist.” I didn’t feel like debating or giving a history lesson at the party so I just left it at that. The answer is no. Minorities cannot be racist.

The Lessons We Learned (and Missed) One Year After Covid-19

It’s been a year guys. Let’s try to get something out of it. Like anyone else who has been fortunate enough to live through 2020, I am still in shock of what the last year has brought. Hearing March gives me a bit of PTSD and I can’t help but wonder what my life would be like if a global pandemic didn’t take place. As much as it was a tough year, there are many things we can take away from our experience to have an easier time going forward.

In a Time of Uncertainty, Here is How You Can Get Past the Coronavirus Slump

Its an odd time for all of us so here are some tips to help you make the best of your “new normal.” If you are a goal planner like me, you usually start the year off listing what you want to accomplish and experience some level of excitement of what the new year has to bring. But as we were making New Year’s Resolutions and celebrating the end of 2019, little did we know that the new age Roaring Twenties was currently brewing a deadly virus that would transform our everyday lives overnight.

Why Its Hypocritical to Claim You’re “Woke” and Still Watch the SuperBowl.

Today marks one of the biggest days for sports fans and maybe even one of the biggest days in American culture. Growing up, I always enjoyed watching football with my dad and had even more excitement when Super Sunday finally arrived. I truly enjoyed everything about the big game whether it be scarfing down nachos with my family, shushing others to hear the commercials or rooting for the Steelers to get their fifth ring.

Shining Some Light On Our Black Senators for Black History Month

Spotlighting the Senate’s rising stars Kamala Harris and Cory Booker who also happen to be showing their #blackgirlmagic and #blackboyjoy During Black History Month its seems that we tend to recognize the same individuals from the past (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglass and you know the rest). Not throwing any shade at these groundbreaking leaders, but lets change it up a bit for the first Black history month during the Trump era.

What Do We Do When Congress Won’t Pick Up Our Calls?

Like many other Americans I find myself wanting to be more active in our government after this very long election that was filled with more hate and divide than usual. I have always been interested in the government and as much as people like to claim they “do not like politics,” the government obviously has an impact on our day-to-day decisions. Whether its the meat we choose for our bodega sandwich or how much money we pay for our contraceptives, the government can easily influence everything we do and choose.