Amazing Wildlife: A San Diego Zoo Podcast

id you know that in the world of elephants the females are the ones in charge? Or that a grizzly bear's bite is strong enough to crush a bowling ball? Amazing Wildlife gives a behind-the-scenes look inside the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park to gain insight on rare species and to explore the ongoing conservation efforts to save endangered wildlife no matter how big or small. Join us as hosts Rick Schwartz and Ebone Monet transport listeners around the globe to highlight the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance’s collaborative efforts with local communities to drive positive change for the future of animals and plants. Through one-of-a-kind stories, you’ll hear what it takes to create a healthy next chapter for not only wildlife, but also for the people that share their habitats.

‎Veterans You Should Know Season 2

In honor of Veterans Day, iHeartMedia presents “Veterans You Should Know." Each episode features an inspiring story from a veteran who proudly served in the armed forces and learned lessons of perseverance and camaraderie. These veterans then took those values and applied them into their new roles as civilians. Listen as they share the challenges and struggles they faced as they transitioned out of the military into civilian life, and learn about the incredible work they continue to do as business leaders, parents, friends, community members and advocates.

‎Sufficiently Black: ”Dating Tips from a Professional Matchmaker”

Sufficiently Black is joined by Celebrity Black Matchmaker & Dating Strategist, Jasmine Diaz! (Interview starts at 18:10). Diaz tells her fascinating story of starting a matchmaking business during a recession and answers all the questions you have for a matchmaker. Jasmine tells us what she looks for in terms of compatibility, the trouble she runs into for finding matches for clients and client horror stories! She explains why Black women are having a hard time finding a Black male counterpart,

Introducing Sufficiently Black (Trailer)

Oreo gang.....We're excited to announce the launch of Sufficiently Black premiering on September 21st! Rebranded from So-Called Oreos, Sufficiently Black is a show that explores what it means to be comfortable in your Blackness despite living in a world obsessed with stereotypes. Hosts Kia, Amari, and Janae will deep-dive into Black womanhood, identity and culture through a critical lens as they navigate their way through adulthood. Join us every other Tuesday for funny and intellectual conversa

‎So-Called Oreos: "So...Can Minorities Be Racist?"

The Oreos answer the very important and complicated question, can minorities be racist? It's something we've seen discussed and wanted to do a deep dive to settle the answer once and for all. Kia and Janae are joined by Jasmine Price, an educator, professor, and most importantly, Janae's older sister. Janae explains the difference between prejudice, discrimination and racism before Jasmine gives a lesson on the circle of oppression, circle of equality and forms of injustice so we can truly under...

‎So-Called Oreos: "So You Want to Get Into Astrology feat. Mecca Woods"

In one of their favorite episodes to date, the Oreos sit down with Mecca Woods, a professionally trained astrologer, author, host and podcaster to talk all things astrology! Mecca gives us all the details on the traits of the four elements of the zodiac signs, how we attract people who hold the qualities we lack, opposite signs and why we pay attention to our sun, moon and rising placements. Mecca reads the Oreos' birth charts to discover the problems in their love lives by paying extra attention...

‎So-Called Oreos: "So What's the Deal with Black People and Voting"

Recording this on Halloween, Amari and Kia open about spending Halloween in quarantine and the downside of meeting your idols before getting into everything voting and politics for this Election Day episode! The duo explains their personal relationship to how their family influenced them to get knowledgable about politics and drop facts on the history between black people and voting since the end of slavery until now. The Oreos debunk the myth of Black Americans not voting and explain the reason...

‎So-Called Oreos: "So You Think You Found Your Platonic Soulmate"

In this episode, the So-Called Oreos have a very interesting conversation about... soulmates! The hosts go into detail about the four types of soulmates we encounter in our lifetime after a quick discussion about Love is Blind (first 12 minutes). The women attempt to describe the indescribable feeling of what separates the relationship with a soulmate verses relationships with everyone else. They discuss how the amount of time knowing someone can contribute to finding your soulmate, how soulmate...

‎So-Called Oreos: "So You're a Black Teacher in America"

The So-Called Oreos Podcast has their very first interview! For this episode, Janae and Kia sit down with Janae's sister, Jasmine Price, who is a ELA teacher in Syracuse city school district and adjunct professor at SUNY Oswego teaching the foundations of education. The three discuss the statistics of the lack of diversity in the teaching field and the long term effects that teachers have on their students. Jasmine explains how we can make the teaching field more diverse and shares her personal.....